Great things are afoot (or, rather, afloat) at SV Pyxie (a.k.a. the yogini goes bear headquarters).
Soon a wave of peace and tranquility will be unleashed upon the world. Ok, maybe not that drastic, but plans are brewing of both a sailing yoga tour with gatherings all across Norway (and later abroad) and of online tools for your yoga and meditation practice.
But before I unravel all the mind-blowing videos, guides and programmes I have in the making, I thought I’d pay some respect to the great work people are already doing to inspire and help others grow a practice that serves them. I’m a bit of an internet junkie and have found so many great resources online. I have no problem recommending other sites to help you out. I’m a fan of collaboration and community building rather than competition. So I’m going to share stuff I dig.


Yoga programmes and memberships:

My Yoga Online has merged with Gaiam TV, so the site has changed a bit since I posted about it last. But there is still great content from a plethora of teachers, and a ten day free trial. You can also find articles, meditations and pose guides here.

Cody is absolutely physical, with various training plans – and not just yoga. This is a fitness app, more than anything. So this is not the place to go looking for knowledge on traditional yoga. I’ll post more on that later. The yoga section at Cody targets the seasoned practicioner wanting to learn specific asanas, like handstands, or new practices such as acro yoga. But if you look for it, you will also find beginner programs and meditation. I have a girl crush on Meghan Currie, and although I don’t have any ambition to reach her contortionist level of flexibility, I absolutely love her teachings. She’s got a great bundle on Cody.

Free youtube channels:

Bex is crazy amazing. Mother of five, backyard chickens and goats, meditation in the laundry room – Bex shows a level of authenticity where most youtube trainers gloss things over. I consider her my friend and I adore her, even when she does things completely different from me. Maybe especially because she does things her way. She is herself to the core. Hardcore. Don’t get me wrong, we see heart to heart. We just have radically different lives and I find that diversity oh, so refreshing. Check out her website

Adriene is fun, playful and offers a 30 days of yoga program for free.

Ekhart Yoga is a stayer. Esther brings on other experienced teachers too, and there are a lot of resources on her channel.


Guided meditation:
Jon Kabat-Zinn is one of my favourite meditation teachers of all time. He is rooted in mindfulness, has studied under great zen masters and developed a secular program called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) . He has a wonderful voice and infuses his guided meditations with wisdom and eloquence. His series 1 is a great place to start a meditation practice. There are videos on youtube too, but I’d highly recommend getting his full series.
Another great place to start is the Headspace app. I’ve tried out the 10 day free programme, and it’s great if you’re completely new to meditation. It makes it so simple and straightforward.

Stay tuned for part II where I take a detour from yoga and into food, inspiration and … startup podcasts.