The rain is drumming hard on the decks of SY Pyxie today. You might think that would be as good a reason as any to sail south, south, south. Because every Norwegian knows it’s never cold or rainy further south in the world, right? I’ll get back to you with updated observations on that … next year. Because this year I’m sailing north.

I’m sailing home to Lofoten. Well, in many ways the journey will be an exploration of what home really means. Because I’ve created my own home on the boat – a home I can take anywhere. There’s a saying among liveaboards that goes “home is where the boat is”. And I’ve sometimes privately tought that “home is where the cat is”. Good thing she’s with me on the boat, so the two philosophies coalesce. Still, I adore the fjord where I grew up, and long for it. And I just couldn’t set out on a journey out across the seven seas before I had sailed in my own waters, explored the mindbogglingly beautiful coastline of Norway and gone back to the beginning. Also, my mother is severely ill, and I want to be with her and give her all that yoga has given to me before I go anywhere else.

Along the way I will make stops to do free yoga classes, explore remote places, visit farms and forage wild foods. I’ll turn the ingredents I come across into the most unauthentic, but tasty taco imaginable! Above all I will meet people who have followed their own dreams, gone their own way and created their homes along the coast. I’ll visit  a surfboard shaper who is making a longboard for me, a freediving yogini who’ll teach me to hunt (for seaweed in my case, I predict), traditional boat builders, beekeepers and salty dogs, among some.

And then it’s on to  Bjørnøya (Bear Island) … That’s where I’m going after my sailing adventure, and after having completed the Support Nepal Yoga Trek in October. You are most welcome to join me in Nepal, and I will explore and give a taste of some ideas and concepts during that adventure, ideas that will eventually turn into something bigger. I’m not going to spill all my beans, but I can tell you that it will be digital and personal at the same time. That’s what I plan to spend the winter on Bjørnøya developing, as well as working at the meteorological station up there.

But before winter comes summer, and the yogini sailing adventure.
If you’re in the Oslo area, come join the farewell party on July 11th! I’ll rename the boat properly to appease the sea gods and we’ll do a grand picnic on the beach – with tacos! If all goes to plan, 4 Gringos will park their taco van right nearby. Bring a towel and hopefully not an umbrella.
The event is at Bygdøy Sjøbad at 18.00, Saturday July 11th. We’ll start the evening with a free yoga session!

Photo by Carsten Aniksdal.