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Petronella Fjord (a.k.a. Kari Petronella Grunnførjord Finstad) is a Norwegian yogini and yoga guide (certified at Ananda Yoga Center, Nepal). She shares styles and techniques solidly founded in traditional yoga, with a modern, flowing and personal twist. She is also a certified AntiGravity™ instructor – a great excuse to hang upside-down on a regular basis.

She loves to travel, lives and sails on Pyxie Nautica, a 32 foot sailboat and is currently stationed on Bear Island in the Arctic for six months. Stay updated on facebook, instagram and twitter. Drop her a line at petronella.fjord@gmail.com Yogini goes bear drawing What is ‘yogini goes bear’ supposed to mean, anyway? Words are like vegetables. They change flavour when you mix them up. I like it when words get infused with with new meaning and transform into something unexpected. Double entendres, metaphors and puns are not just linguistic spice, but also convey what the words alone cannot. A yoga practice can feel like wallowing in metaphors. And traveling is, for me, deeply poetic – not to mention a babylonian confusion at times. Yum. This website is both a travelogue and a portal for all things related to yoga. Expect to find ships logs from my sailing adventures, recipies for scrumptiousness, a schedule for my yoga classes, interviews with people on the road, info on yoga vacations and travel in general – not to mention long train rides, tiny houses, permaculture and too many pictures of the horizon. Since you’re probably still wondering what the meaning of the title is, I’ll do my best to explain: Yogini. (Sanskrit: योगिनी, yoginī, IPA: [ˈjoɡiːniː]) The usual denomination for a feminine yoga practicioner. I’m a girl. I practice and share yoga. Goes.  [\ˈgōz\] Traveling. Moving. Changing. Both yoga and travel ignites transformation. Bear. [\ˈber\] In Northern Norway we have an expression – “bjønnsk” – which basically means bear-like. It is to be strong, despite of size and appearance. I think being bare is one of the bravest and strongest things a person can do. Plus, I’m currently staying six months on Bear Island in the Arctic. And I have a funky bear hat. That settles it. The lovely bear is drawn by the talented Joran Jacobsen.