SV Pyxie Nautica

say hello to the floating headquarters

pyxie vinterstid

SY Pyxie is not only my floating headquarters, but a seaworthy little ship fit for adventures all around the globe. She is a French beauty from the seventies, a Wauquiez Centurion 32, and she underwent major upgrades a few years back. The previous owner launched a zero emission project called Ren Glede, and did extensive work to make her as eco friendly as possible. She has an electrical inboard engine, wind generator, solar panels and other great solutions to keep the carbon footprint small and the environmental impact low.

But this is only the beginning! A big part of the yogini goes bear project is dedicated to coming up with, exporing, testing and showcasing big and small green ideas. I grow lots of yeasts and bacteria – kombucha, ginger beer and sourdough, that is. And one of the first things I got myself was an onboard herb garden. It survived a journey to Copenhagen and back – so it is absolutely possible to grow food on a boat, and I plan on expanding upon this to include hydroponic growing of greens and tomatoes. And larger tech solutions will be explored too. More to come on that later!

The name Pyxie derives from the constellation Pyxis Nautica, also known as The Mariner’s Compass.

pyxie innvendig

Here are some technical data for you geeks out there:

Length of hull 9.75m
Length of floating (L) 7.45m
Maximum beam 2.96m
Beam floating 2.60m
Front freeboard 1.13m
Freeboard medium 0.85m
Maximum draught 1.86m
Head room 1.80m
Displacement charges (D) of it 5,150 kg
Weight in functioning order 4,650 kg
Weight of the ballast 1,980 kg
Nature of the ballast lead
Height under deck-beams 1.80m
Width between berths 0.48m
Average width of the gangways 0.50m
Measure in customs (barrels) 7.43
Measure I.O.R. 6m 90 (22′ 8″)